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Thomas Scharfstaedt

Thomas Scharfstaedt financed his studies in political science (M.A.) by working for various media - thus also creating the basis for his freelance work today. Three and a half years ago, Scharfstaedt established the "Thomas Scharfstaedt Medienbuero", which was recently moved to the German administrative capital Bonn. From Bonn he regularly works as author for various economics editorial offices and leading German PR agencies such as Kohtes & Klewes, H.F.&P. (both in Duesseldorf) and Spiess, Ermich & Andere (S.E.A.). He's the German stringer for Royal Nedlloyd's corporate publications. In addition, he works for the press offices of the Commission of the European Union. His varied activities have provided him with considerable journalistic experience in many areas of topics - from economics to the "human touch" - as well as expertise in public relations. Scharfstaedt's strength lies in preparing specialist topics for non-specialists in various media in a way that is both interesting and targeted for specific groups.
Eberhard Blocher

Eberhard is an IT and Internet writer in both German and English with a background in Economics (MA from the University of Freiburg). He is now based in the German town of Chemnitz where he works as a computer scientist. His international scope was first developed during the two years that he attended the International School/Moshi in Tanzania. In later years he went back to Africa several times as a tourist guide. In all, three years were spent in residence in an English-speaking country. Apart from German and English, Eberhard is proficient in French and Swedish. Visit Eberhard's homepage.

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